SEF - SUNGSHIN - Rolled Wire Mesh Belt Type Conveyor Furnace ``SC-006R``


● Producing a mesh belt with a rolled wire produces a noticeable decrease in the use of the product on the belts of conventional conveyor belts.

● Suitable for heat treatment of torsion springs and 3D forming products.

● Using the touchscreen, the operation of the task is good and the recording of the recorder is not required with its own temperature recording function.


모델명 Model 产品名


전원 Power 电压

AC 220V / 380V

전기용량 Power Capacity 电容

6 KW

사용온도 Temperature 工作温度

100 ~ 500℃

벨트 폭 Conveyor Width 输送带宽度

210 mm

입구높이 Inlet Height 入口高度

75 mm

외부규격 Outside Dimension 外形规格 (WxLxH)

600 × 1250 × 1050mm

열실길이 Heating Area Length 热区长度

850 mm

추가옵션 Option 其他选项

온도기록계, 3색타워 등