SEF - SUNGSHIN - Box-type Experimental Furnace


● Effective for tempering, bit shrink fit, and thermal processing.

● Also effective to enhance tension, accuracy, and strength of products requiring precision processing, such as spring, press muller, washer, and etc.

● Box-type is an ideal choice for thermal processing of mid and small sized products, and the equal temperature distribution ensures the high quality product production.
This unit is also powered by an excellent controller that can be programmed to set the temperature and time frame for various types and size of products.


모델명 Model 产品名

박스형 시험로

전원 Power 电压

AC 220V / 380V

전기용량 Power Capacity 电容

고객 맞춤형 제작

사용온도 Temperature 工作温度

100 ~ 500℃

외부 규격 Outside Dimension 外形规格 (W x L x H)

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내부규격 Inside Dimension 内部规格 (W x L x H)

고객 맞춤형 제작

서랍치수 Tray Dimension 抽屉规格 (W x L x H)

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추가옵션 Option 其他选项

온도기록계, 3색타워 등