New Products

Plate Conveyor Type Furnace

Perfect fit for heat treatment of thin wire products less than W.D 1mm without any chipping!
Plate Type Conveyor Electric Furnace

Rolled wire mash belt Conveyor Type Furnace

More compact rolled wire mesh belt
Rolled Wire Mesh Belt Type Conveyor Furnace

Chain Conveyor type Furnace

Specialized in zig-zag spring and wire bending products

Chain-type Conveyor Thermal Process Furnace

Seika Furnace

Major Products

Conveyor Type Furnace

Ranging from small to large Size
Conveyor-type Thermal Process Furnace

Box Type Furnace

Ranging from small to large Size
Box-type Thermal Process Furnace

Touch Type Furnace

Space-saving for small and medium sized products
Touch-type Thermal Process Furnace

Cart Type Furnace

Designed to facilitate easy entry and exit of heavy-duty structures

Possible to enlarge
Cart-type Thermal Process Furnace

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